Julian Omidi Supports Charities Through No More Poverty

Co-Founder of No More Poverty – Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi co-founded No More Poverty In 2012. Through No More Poverty, Julian Omidi has gotten involved with a variety of causes, providing them with support, so that they can continue to make a difference in today’s world. By the name No More Poverty, the mission is clear. The organization aims to support like-minded non for profits dedicated to alleviating the numerous facets of poverty that are a serious problem in today’s world, affecting billions! No More Poverty currently supports a growing number of charities and will continue to expand its efforts in order to have a greater impact!

Charities Supported by Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi firmly believes in his duty to help those less fortunate than him and is a driving force behind No More Poverty. He feels very strongly about each of the charities on this website, as well as the many other causes No More Poverty supports.
It is incredibly unfortunate and sad that so many people around the world will be deprived of necessities, live without many of the things most people take for granted, and will lead their lives without the kinds of opportunities that many of us have had. These charities I support help curb a variety of problems in locations across the world.
Drop in the Bucket provides water and proper sanitation for poor, east African villages. It creates sustainable wells which provide sources of clean drinkable water much closer to the population. The villages the charity supports also lack the proper infrastructure to deal with vast amounts of waste and excrement. Drop in the Bucket helps builds bathroom facilities for these villages. By helping provide these services, Drop in the Bucket reduces the risk of sanitation-related diseases killing locals, as well as providing them with a reliable source of water.

Julian Omidi Supports Children on the Run & Foundation for Second Chances through No More Poverty

Children of the Night addresses the often ignored problem of child prostitution. People find it hard to believe that child prostitution happens in our own nation, but statistics show it is an unacceptably enormous problem. It provides programs for the victimized children, working with them, to give them a way out of the unfathomable life of prostitution at such a young age.

The Foundation for Second Chances helps children who come from impoverished homes, gives them guidance and assistance so that they may fulfill their potential, without being hindered by the problems that poverty can cause for a young person.

Dandelion Wishes Receives Support from Julian Omidi through No More Poverty

Lastly, Dandelion Wishes is an organization that aims to help troubled and at-risk youths through art therapy. By allowing them to thrive creatively, to express themselves with proper guidance, the youths can really let out some of their own demons, confront them, and grow into better people as a result. This program really has a lasting impact on the youths it reaches.

These organizations all provide powerful, lasting help for hundreds of thousands of people, in a variety of ways, and I am determined to get their names out there, to make sure they get even more support, and to find other, new organizations which are similarly powerful sources of change and help in this world.

-Julian Omidi