Children of the Night

Julian Omidi is cofounder of No More Poverty with his brother, Dr. Michael Omidi MD.  Julian Omidi discusses No More Poverty’s support of Children of the Night, a foundation dedicated to giving aid to child prostitutes.

Julian Omidi Supports Children of the Night

Although rampant child prostitution is often believed to be primarily a problem of the third world–societies so desperate that its citizens can only reliably depend upon the sex trafficking of the innocent in order to survive–children are exploited in every socio-economic environment. It is estimated by the U.S. Department of Justice that there are roughly 100,000 children in the United States that are trapped into prostitution, and with the internet making solicitation easy and anonymous, criminals are often several steps ahead of law enforcement. It is startling statistics such as these that make the work of foundations like Children of the Night so critically important, and we at No More Poverty are honored to support their excellent work.

Children of the Night began in 1979 in the two bedroom apartment of founder Dr. Lois Lee, a crusader for the rights of children. Providing shelter, counseling, mentorship, education and hope, Children of the Night has changed the lives of innumerable children trapped in sexual enslavement. Having successfully rescued children from lives of desperation and fear for 33 years, Children of the Night is the model for other child protection programs all over the world.

Dr. Lois Lee Founder of Children on the Run

In 2011, Dr. Lois Lee founded Children of the Night With Out Walls (WOW), an arm of Children of the Night that provides administrative support, fundraising expertise and program coordination to children’s shelters across the United States. This new branch also offers teenaged victims of child prostitution access to mental health services, social security cards, birth certificates and transportation to social services. WOW offers help and support to adolescents who need refuge and cannot access the Children of the Night shelter in Van Nuys, California. Said Dr. Lee: “My goal with Children of the Night WOW is to train thousands of people, many without professional training or skills, working in America’s underfunded and undeveloped shelters because many of them share my life’s commitment to removing young people from the streets of our American cities.”

For 33 years, Children of the Night has not only rescued thousands of children from the ravages of prostitution, it has also provided law enforcement with invaluable training in the best, most effective methods of intervening in the lives of exploited, troubled children. We are very honored at No More Poverty to have the opportunity to support such an important foundation. If you are interested in learning more about Children of the Night or any of the other wonderful organizations sponsored by No More Poverty, then please visit