Drop in the Bucket

Many people associate poverty in Africa with hunger and the difficulty for people there to find food. Oftentimes they don’t consider another major problem that exists in the poorer regions of the continent, the startling lack of clean water sources and properly functioning sanitation systems to deal with excrement. As a result, some villagers are forced to walk miles away in order to get water and then carry them all the way back. Without proper sanitation, excrement cannot be gotten rid of and it produces breeding grounds for dangerous diseases and viruses.

I am proud to support Drop in the Bucket through No More Poverty. Drop in the Bucket uses its funds to dig wells in villages and set up better toilet facilities. The wells provide water and save the residents a lot of time and energy so that they can tend to their other needs. The facilities set up are Eco-Sanitation flush toilets that are cost-effective and are designed for optimal breakdown of sewage so that it isn’t harmful for the villages.

Furthermore, Drop in the Bucket has a very well-thought-out plan for the sustainability of the wells and sanitary facilities it builds. By providing a system of saving and lending to villages, all maintained within the village itself, (meaning no money is borrowed from the organization) it ensures the continued existence and functionality of the wells it builds. This system is designed to be easily understandable to villagers so that it will function properly when Drop in the Bucket stops providing consistent supervision.

Drop in the Bucket’s efforts have significantly improved the lives of many villages across Eastern Africa in a sustainable, enduring way and continues to expand the effects of its efforts to new villages. I am very proud to be able to contribute to such a virtuous, effective effort.

If you are interested in learning more about Children of the Night or any of the other wonderful organizations sponsored by No More Poverty, then please visit nmp.org. Julian Omidi is cofounder of No More Poverty with his brother, Dr. Michael Omidi MD. No More Poverty is an organization that strives to assist in the fight against global poverty by providing support to charities that are already working to provide programs and services for those less fortunate. In this article, Julian Omidi discusses No More Poverty’s support of Drop in the Bucket, a foundation dedicated to providing a clean source or water and proper sanitation system to poor African villages.