Foundation for Second Chances

My brother Michael Omidi and I consider ourselves fortunate to give back to the community through NMP. This is why we are so personally proud to offer Foundation for Second Chances our special brand of support.

Foundation for Second Chances is a non-profit organization that offers educational and mentoring services to children living in Southern Los Angeles. The communities served by Second Chances are mostly low-income areas where resources are scarce and where solid opportunities for advancement are even scarcer. Children growing up in these areas often suffer as the result of being educated in poorly funded public schools, as well as from not having access to enough positive role models that they can emulate in order to succeed in life. Foundation for Second Chances, however, offers a beacon of hope and light to these young people by providing after school activities, mentoring, literacy programs and other forms of educational support. The group’s efforts align perfectly with our own personal Omidi brother mission, which is to end impoverishment through our organization, No More Poverty.

My brother Michael Omidi and I always try to hold ourselves to helping charities and other causes that we truly believe in. We have always believed that targeting both of these goals are what assists in our success and, even more so, what will ultimately help make the world that we live in a better place for future generations. My brother and I know that we are not alone in our efforts, which is why we are especially pleased to meet people like Melissa Wyatt who originally founded Foundation for Second Chances in 2004. It is in kindred connections, like the one between No More Poverty and Foundation for Second Chances, that we gain the kind of strength and power needed to eliminate poverty once and for all.

Michael and I implore everyone reading this to take a few moments to become acquainted with our mission through No More Poverty and to review the work being done at separate organizations like Foundation for Second Chances and all of the other charitable agencies that we support. Everyone’s help is needed to eradicate poverty. No matter how little or how much you have to offer, your contribution makes a difference. By visiting Foundation for Second Chances you can donate directly to the charity to help make your difference.

-Julian Omidi